IELLIOS Ion Magnum, Arasys & Perfector are the European Newest Science for Youth and Beauty.  Used by Physicians and VIPs are becoming the best kept secret in the entertainment industry.   Spas and Doctor’s offices offering the treatments are getting their Return for Investment in less than a month.  The Arasys and Ion Magnum Technologies were invented and built in Gerry Polloc's lab in London University and the EU funded, BIC,

Dr Pollock was part of the research group that invented the First Pacemaker in the UK.  The Ion Magnum Genius was cleared by the USA FDA for muscle conditioning K123158, prescription only. Arasys Genius was also cleared by the FDA K132179, for muscle conditioning with prescription. Both of these devices are currently distributed in the USA.

The Ion Magnum Imperial International III with 16 channels and 20 frequencies was launched in the international market in March 2016. Additionally, the and the Ion Magnum Genius IV with 8 channels and 9 frequencies and the Health Builder with 12 frequencies were launched in the International market in February 2016. All three new devices have CE mark and ISO. IELLIOS is based on Neuro Frequency Signaling research in Cambridge University. It has the CE mark,UL mark, UL E257804  and complies with the FCC standard.  The Perfector was originally invented in London University. 

IELLIOS reVive unique super technology is coming soon, touch screen iPad with 18390 blueprint signals for power results, in 9 languages! PATENT PENDING

All devices have LIFE WARRANTY.  They are made in the UK and they ship directly from the UK with all accessories included.  Please call us for Leasing opportunities.  Leases are offered by our company so everyone qualifies!  

Ion Magnum Genius IV 8 Channels is now distributed by China  Distributor:  Guangzou Anti-Aging Bio-Technology Co. LTD
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I ELLIOS, Ion Magnum, Arasys Perfector 是为你带来年轻与美丽的未来科技。被国际医师及知名人士选用,这些仪器正成为演艺界保持青春美丽的最好秘密!提供这些疗程的美容院及医疗诊所在一个月不到的时间就能投资回本。Arasys Ion MagnumFirst Pacemaker 的共同发明者Gerry Pollock在伦敦大学研究室及欧盟资助的研究中心研发并制造。Ion Magnum Genius侧作为肌肉调理的医疗仪器已获得FDS的审批K123158。12个疗程等于你在健身房大汗淋漓健身1年的效果!无需额外努力、完全没有痛苦的能量型健美塑身仪器 ION MAGNUM - 此仪器由First Pacemaker 的共同发明者在伦敦大学研发并制造。IEllios是源于剑桥大学及其他欧洲大学有关神经频率信号抗衰老研究的启发而产生的产物,它已通过CEULUL E257804的认证并符合FCC标准。IELLIOS 是一种通过神经频率信号(NFS)对人体细胞产生作用从而达到美容效果的高科技技术。NFS是一种类似于RF(射频)的频率,但其对人体无任何负作用及伤害。它是RF技术进一步发展升级的科技产物,NFS以其复杂的信号模式重新唤醒及修复由于年龄增长而衰退的细胞联系,仅需几个疗程,就能达到显著及永久的美容效果

All our devices have multiple certificates from both the USA and the UK, including CE, ISO. FCC, UL 60601-1

IELLIOS Ион Magnum , Arasys и Свершитель являются Наука завтрашнего дня за молодость и красоту . Используется международных врачей и VIP-персон становятся лучше хранить тайну в индустрии развлечений . Спа и врачебных кабинетов , предлагающие процедуры получают свои прибыли на инвестицию в менее чем через месяц . В Arasys и Ion Magnum технологии были изобретены и построены в своей лаборатории в Лондонском университете и финансируемого ЕС BIC , Джерри Поллок, который был частью исследовательской группы изобретение первого Pacemaker в Великобритании.

Ион Magnum Genius очищается от FDS для мышечной кондиционирования K123158 , только по рецепту. IELLIOS вдохновлен Нейро частот белка к белку Signaling исследования в старения, Кембридже и других европейских университетов . Он имеет знак CE, UL знак , UL E257804 и соответствует стандарту FCC . Свершитель был первоначально изобретен в Лондонском университете . Все устройства имеют Гарантийный срок . Они сделаны и отправить непосредственно из Великобритании со всеми вспомогательное оборудование. Пожалуйста, позвоните нам для в доме возможностей лизинга. Каждый имеет право


New Upgraded Accessories and new products (see more at are complimentary with a device purchase, are offered for all devices with silver plated microphone cable and IEC 60601-1 connectors. Cables are FDA cleared as accessories for the Arasys and Ion Magnum Genius, Pads are FDA cleared. Click Here to download the info on accessories


Ion Magnum Imperial International -- 18 channels, 6 frequencies for ultra power and drammatic results! Please ask about our Research Program that offers the devices to qualified doctors at 60% to 70% price discount. Time limitations may apply.

IELLIOS, Ion Magnum, Arasys, 밋 Perfector 는 젊음과 아름다움에 대한 미래의 과학이다. 국제 의사와 VIP를 사용하여, 그들은 엔터테인먼트 업계에서 최고의 비밀이되고있다.  스파 및 의사의 사무실은 한 달 미만에 대한 투자 수익 (ROI)을 받고있다.  Arasys 및 Ion Magnum 기술은 영국의 첫 번째 페이스 메이커를 발명 연구 그룹의 일부였다 Gerry Pollock에 의해, 런던 대학과 EU 자금 BIC에서 발명하고 자신의 실험실에서 건설되었다.  Ion Magnum Genius는 처방전에 의한 근육 조절 K123158의 FDS에 의해 삭제됩니다.  IELLIOS 캠브리지와 다른 유럽 대학 노화 연구를 단백질 신호에 신경 주파수 단백질에 의해 고무된다.  그것은 CE 마크, UL 마크, UL E257804을 가지고 있으며, FCC 표준을 준수합니다.  퍼펙는 원래 런던 대학에서 발명되었다. 모든 장치는 평생 보장이있다. 그들은 포함 된 모든 액세서리와 함께 만든 영국에서 직접 배송됩니다. 사내 임대 기회를 전화로 연락을 해 주시기 바랍니다. 모든 사람은 자격이!

TThe Next Generation NFS Technology IELLIOS reVive, comes in 9 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Russian). It offers the effectiveness of TWO IELLIOS working synergestically in one for significantly enhanced results. Unique motherboard design, signture software, DDS and DAS prime components, four dynamic hyperchannels and 18,390 signature waveform signals composed by frequencies ranging from 0.1 Hz to 10,000GHz for maxumum potency nd afficiency. Multilingual, economic and portable, the size of a mini iPad, IELLIOS reVive will come with software that can be downloaded on any PC computer!

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The Ion Magnum Genius & Arasys Genius are cleared by the USA FDA K123158 & K132179 respectively for Muscle Conditioning - Prescription Only.
Ion Magnum IELLIOS and Perfector fall under the low voltage directive of IEC Class I devices. All devices are manufactured in ISO awarded facilities
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