The IELLIOS came into the market in August 2011 and is already owned by several celebrities in Europe, Asia and South America. IELLIOS was built with 12,630 specs. The IELLIOS specifications were investigated in laboratory research. IELLIOS is totally non invasive. The IELLIOS signals are designed on the basis of a 10 years research. The IELLIOS laboratory research has been inspired by the molecular biology and the fascinating choreography of the electrochemical communications trandenscending signaling pathways and protein to protein communications. Zia et all 2006 has described the aging process as a deterioration in protein to protein communications opening the horizons for a quantum physics view of rejuvenation.
One IELLIOS program is like a whole device in itself. Owning the IELLIOS is like owning several devices that specialize in a large variety of conditions. How can IELLIOS succeed in what so many technologies have failed? IELLIOS has unlimited resolution output that is originally composed by a sophisticated computer brain mechanism with 14 GB of RAM and 500 GB Hard Drive. The IELLIOS computer has 4 GB memory and 80 GB hard drive space. Its digital to analogue converter has a dual-channel, 1.2-GSPS (giga-sample-per-second), 16-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that supports the high data rates and complex modulation schemes required for advanced multi-carrier communications. Featuring an on-chip 32-bit NCO (numerically-controlled oscillator*) that allows flexible placement of the IF (intermediate frequency) to help optimize system performance. Other complementary parts include the low-voltage differential signaling interface with an eight-word-deep FIFO memory that supports a maximum sample-data-input-rate of 1.2 GSPS and 600 MSPS (mega samples per second).
The IELLIOS Elite platform complies with UL60601-1/EN60601-1, CE, FCC Class certifications to ensure safety. IELLIOS Elite is outfitted with a 17-inch 10 SXGA TFT LCD displays. Additionally, the IELLIOS Elite offers flexible CPU selection with socket type which increases convenience over onboard CPU, and still maintains a fanless operation and long product life cycle. For expansion capability, the unit supports one PCI or PCIe x4 slot for video capture card and data acquisition card. The built-in 1.3 mega pixels camera, microphone and stereo speakers allow for storing and delivering the IELLIOS labeling, warnings, marketing, training, contraindications, research, before and afters photos, educational papers and safety instructions all by simply touching the IELLIOS touch screen computer.


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