How the Waist was Won
Arasys is totally non invasive. Both the Cosmopolitan in Europe and Channel 10 news in the USA called the Arasys the "Miracle Machine." 3,744 Health Clubs around the world use the Arasys and 2,375 doctors. 630 VIPs have bought the Arasys for personal use including names of famous actors and actresses. Unfortunatelly we do not have written concent in order to reveal their names. The Arasys IV just came into the market and is becoming more popular than ever.
Arasys is the jewel of the London University Technology. Arasys was originally invented by the co-invenor of the first pacemaker, Gerry Pollock. The Arasys III formula comprises a multiplicity of frequencies into an analogue, unlimited resolution waveform made out of 1000 programs. The Arasys IV has up to 1,500 programs. Arasys has the CE mark and life warranty. We have 24 hours customer care and technical support available. There are no other expenses with the Arasys. No gels, no creams are necessary. The machine comes with all accessories as well as complimentary neutraceuticals.
Arasys is a very relaxing procedure. Arasys is not a muscle stimulator, it does not deporalize the muscle like muscle stimulators do.

Fighting the Flab Without Sweat
Pregnancy is followed by breast tissue loss and drooping, abdominal stretching of muscle and skin, and local collections of fat. Either new moms need several weeks or months of an exercise regime or plastic surgery.
But moms with newborns usually have no time to go to the gym. And a lot of people avoid plastic surgery because of all the dangers, side effects and expense. The Arasys was brought into the field of cosmetics by midwives who wanted to help their clients. 478 Gynecologies around the world now use the Arasys. Arasys is not a muscle stimulator.
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