Arasys is totally non invasive and does not change or interfere with the harmony of the body or its functioning. Arasys was invented and built by Gerry Pollock, co-inventor of the first Pacemaker in London University. It is presently manufactured at the European Union funded Research Center, Innovations Science. Arasys and all its parts are handmade by highly specialized UK technicians under the supervision of Gerry Pollock, himself. Arasys carries the CE mark of safety. Arasys feels like a pleasant relaxing massage. It has a complex analog (unlimited resolution) square waveform that has the uniqueness of the grammatical and syntactic organization of a spoken language. 
Pollock invested 17 years of empirical research to discover the specific sequence of sine waveforms that comprise the Arasys signal Why did Pollock have to experiment for so many years? Because there is only one correct solution to an electronic puzzle, in spite of millions of combinations in which one can put puzzle pieces together. The Arasys signal automatically adjusts itself to each individual. Since the output changes on the basis of individual resistance that may vary from time to time, the Arasys waveform is impossible to duplicate. It is exclusively produced unlimited resolution on the basis of Gerry Pollock's proprietary formula and then reproduced by a synthesizer that tailors its output depending on individual resistance. Gerry Pollock claims that the Arasys cannot be duplicated even by the most ingenious reverse electronics.
Arasys Genius 通过CE认证并享受终生保修, 随机附带所有零配件。配套的导线及自粘式导入垫片均符合IEC60601的生产标准。仪器直接由英国运往世界各地。在亚洲、欧洲、美国南部及澳洲许多国际专业体坛运动员及社会知名人士正在使用Arrays. Arrays对人体完全没有入侵性,不会改变或干扰人体本身的功能机制和运作. Arasy在英国伦敦Innova Park的欧盟资助科学创新研究中心发明与生产,设备本身及其所有组成元件都由英国顶尖的科学家在他们的实验室里制作完成。Arasys带有CE通用安全标志,它是属于IEC 1 低电压设备。接受Arasys疗程就像享受一场舒适的按摩。每一台Arasys都含有4个程序,每一个程序都带有一个无限辨析度的信号,这个信号由心脏起搏器的共同发明者结合1500个不同的信号从而生成这个单一且具有无限辨析度的信号。Arasys的技术全由顶尖的科学家们在心脏起博器共同发明者的研究所里经过20年的研究所建立起来,全由人手创造绝没有任何软件辅助。研究所原座落于伦敦大学内,现位于英国Innova Park内 (许多欧洲大学做研究的地方),Arasys的所有型号都在Innova Park里生产。


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